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PowerGSLB - PowerDNS backend with monitoring

Introducing PowerGSLB — a high performance open-source PowerDNS backend with monitoring capabilities and simple web based DNS management.
PowerGSLB runs as PowerDNS remote backend and provides load balancing and fail-over capabilities.

PowerGSLB is 2-in-1 solution: DNS backend with records in MySQL database and service health monitoring. Based on actual service health it can disable or enable DNS records.

For example: you have 3 servers with 3 public IP addresses. You want to balance the load between them, but in case one of the servers fails - disable it's IP address in DNS zone record so your users won't notice it. Another usage scenario would be having a master server and backup server, activated in DNS only on master server failure.

PowerGSLB also provides a great and simple, w2ui based web management tool. Check out PowerGSLB on Github and feel free to contribute and request features.