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Basic DDoS protection

Today we are delighted to announce launching of the Basic DDoS protection in our Swedish data center.

With help of FastNetMon Advanced we are now able to mitigate most common types of attacks seamlessly.
While still in Beta, more than 90% of attacks were successfully blocked during last couple of weeks during our tests.

DDoS protection in Latvian data center is still in progress, hopefully to be announced in Q2 2017.

PowerGSLB - PowerDNS backend with monitoring

Introducing PowerGSLB — a high performance open-source PowerDNS backend with monitoring capabilities and simple web based DNS management.
PowerGSLB runs as PowerDNS remote backend and provides load balancing and fail-over capabilities.

Running OpenVPN client inside OpenVZ

Running an OpenVPN client is easy - it connects to a remote server, and, if server has a "redirect-gateway" variable - forwards all traffic via the OpenVPN tunnel.

The first post: brief coverage of our infrastructure

In our first blog post we'll cover software stack we use for our infrastructure. Having most of the infrastructure automated we'd like to share what's under the hood helping us run and grow the business.